IN RECOGNITION OF The Student Veterans of America Chapter at Fox Valley Technical College

July 30, 2019
Wisconsinite of the Week




July 30, 2019

Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize the dedication and outstanding service of the Student Veterans of America Chapter at Fox Valley Technical College.

In 2008, the national Student Veterans of America organization was created to provide programs, resources, and support to student-veterans. Student Veterans of America’s mission is to offer the assistance needed in higher education to support veterans through their graduation to gainful employment.

Shortly after its establishment, student-veterans like Chris McKeithan at Fox Valley Technical College saw the need for a veterans’ club on campus and worked to institute the club at FVTC. Since the establishment of The Student Veterans of America chapter in 2011, members have worked closely with the Appleton community to coordinate veteran events and resource fairs, as well as raise funds for veteran causes throughout the area.

Staff Advisors Bill Trombley and Mike Gawel, along with current club officers Rodney Schreiber, Thomas Barrett, and Chris McKeithan are pivotal in creating a campus where veterans feel connected and supported by both the staff and fellow students at FVTC.

I am proud to have a veteran-run organization in my district whose dedication to helping other veterans goes beyond their active duty or deployments. To answer the call to serve the nation and to continue their service to the local community is truly inspiring.

Madam Speaker, I urge all members of this body to join me in applauding the Student Veterans of America Chapter at Fox Valley Technical College, its club officers, and its staff advisors for their service to veterans and servicemembers within the Fox Valley Technical College District. Thank you, Madam Speaker. I yield back.

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