IN RECOGNITION OF Schroeder’s Flowers 120 Years of Success

October 16, 2019
Wisconsinite of the Week




October 16, 2019

Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 120th anniversary of Schroeder’s Flowers.

This family-owned flower shop began in 1899 when award-winning florist Carl Meier immigrated from Germany to Green Bay and opened his own flower shop. A few years after opening, Carl asked Otto Schroeder to leave Germany and help him grow his business. Schroeder stayed in Green Bay and later married Carl’s daughter, Clara, and the business was renamed Schroeder’s Flowers.

Schroeder’s Flowers has always been a family business. In 1949, Otto’s son, Otto Jr., took over the business and moved the location of the shop to Webster Avenue in Allouez. Today the business is run by fourth and fifth generation owners, Charles and Peggy Schroeder and their son, Brian.

Schroder’s Flowers remains a pillar of the Green Bay community. Its prioritization of customer service has created a loyal customer base that depends on Schroeder’s for its floral design expertise. Through the years, Schroeder’s Flowers has fostered a strong relationship with its customers, who have showed continuous support for the family and their business. From a small shop that used to deliver flowers by horse and wagon, to one that has adapted to the changing economy and now processes orders online, Schroeder’s Flowers continues to evolve and provide customers with quality service and beautiful floral arrangements.

Family-run small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. I am proud to have such a flourishing business in my district that puts the needs of the community and its customers first. It is encouraging to see a local business succeed across two centuries, and to continue to uphold the values of Northeast Wisconsin. Family’s like the Schroeders are what make our district great, and I am proud to represent them.

Madam speaker, it is my honor to congratulate Schroeder’s Flowers on 120 strong years in business. I wish the Schroeder family many more years of continued success. Thank you, Madam Speaker. I yield back.

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