Working Together

August 8, 2019
Press Release

Sometimes it seems that the only thing happening in Washington is partisan bickering. But while you may not always hear about it, lawmakers can and do put aside their differences to come together for a good cause. That’s what happened last Friday at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where Congressman Gallagher joined his colleagues to wash the Memorial and honor those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

As Congressman Gallagher said, it was “a small act of service," but hopefully one that will help more lawmakers see the importance of putting aside politics and changing the culture in Washington. See some photos of this incredible bipartisan event below.


Congressman Gallagher speaks with a National Park Ranger at the event to provide lawmakers with information on how to best wash the Memorial.


Congressman Gallagher washes the Memorial with his colleagues Congressmen Brian Mast and Conor Lamb.


The entire group of lawmakers, along with the National Park Rangers present, pose for a photo once the Memorial had been completely washed.

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