House Passes Gallagher’s Trauma-Informed Care Resolution

February 26, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Rep. Gallagher’s trauma-informed care resolution with unanimous support.  The resolution recognizes the importance, effectiveness and need for trauma-informed care (TIC) in improving health outcomes. TIC is a science-based treatment framework designed to identify and address the root causes of some of our most pressing public health issues, including addiction, mental health issues, and obesity. Rep. Gallagher’s resolution is part of a wider effort – led by First Lady Tonette Walker – to make Wisconsin the first TIC state in the U.S. and increase national awareness.

Rep. Gallagher said: “Traumatic experiences and childhood toxic stress affect millions of children, families, and adults across the United States. Unfortunately, these experiences can negatively impact a student’s ability to learn, prevent a veteran from reintegrating into society, or hinder an adult’s ability to join the workforce. With passage of my resolution, Congress is taking an important step in spreading awareness of the transformative power that TIC can have in helping individuals overcome trauma and lead healthy lives, while still allowing people the flexibility to implement these best practices at the local level—where they are most effective. It’s been my honor to take charge and push for wider use of TIC.”

Earlier today, Rep. Gallagher delivered the following speech urging his colleagues to support the legislation:

“Mr. Speaker,

This is a great day for children, vulnerable populations, and caregivers in my home state of Wisconsin and across this country. House Resolution 443 recognizes the importance of trauma-informed care to individual wellness, the efficacy of care, and improved quality of life for those who have experienced trauma. Passage of this resolution demonstrates that this body believes in the transformative power that trauma-informed care can have in helping children, families, and adults overcome trauma and lead healthy lives.

From veterans reintegrating into society to survivors of childhood abuse, individuals from across the population can benefit from the simple but effective principles of trauma-informed care. By recognizing and sensitively addressing the impacts of traumatic experiences, we can build stronger and more resilient communities. We all want to address major public health issues like addiction, mental health issues, and obesity, and this resolution moves the ball forward by raising awareness and building momentum behind evidence-based best practices and solutions.

Rigorous study and academic review has shown benefits for organizations, communities, and governments that implement trauma-informed care. I’m proud to announce that my home state of Wisconsin, under the leadership of our First Lady Tonette Walker, is on track to becoming the first fully trauma-informed state in the nation. And in Illinois, home to our colleagues and the co-lead of this resolution Congressman Davis, experts have come together to make this material more accessible to policymakers and the public. Exciting innovation in mental healthcare is happening across this country, and this resolution recognizes that hard work.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my colleague Congressman Davis for his commitment to this resolution. I would also like to thank Tonette Walker, First Lady of Wisconsin, for her dedication and service to this important cause. Additionally, I would like to thank the Chairman and Ranking Member of the committee for their hard work on this issue as well.  House Resolution 443 is an important step in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental healthcare and building more inclusive communities, and I encourage you all to support its passage.  I yield back.”

Background on Rep. Gallagher’s work on TIC and mental health issues:



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