Getting Wisconsin Back to Work

June 15, 2021
Press Release

Life is getting back to normal and our economy is ready to roar. But small businesses across the country are still struggling because of misguided federal policies that encourage Americans not to work.
Just look at the numbers. Last Wednesday, the Department of Labor reported that the country had a record 9.3 million job openings. Yet for the past two months, hiring in the country has fallen well short of expectations. This mirrors conversations I've had with small business leaders across Northeast Wisconsin: the jobs are there, but there is no one to fill them.
That's why I recently introduced the National Signing Bonus Act, a bill that would convert the federal unemployment plus-up into a limited-time signing bonus for new hires. The idea is simple: instead of paying people to sit on the sidelines, let's use that money to get people back to work.
While it's not a perfect solution, our workforce shortage is at a crisis level. If Governor Evers isn't going to end the federal unemployment plus-up, as more than 20 states already have, then the least we can do is allow states to spend these dollars in a way that actually encourages people to reenter the workforce.
It's time to get Wisconsin back to work, and I'll continue pushing for policies that do just that.
Semper Fi,
PS: You can read more on my bill, the National Signing Bonus Act, in the story HERE.

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