Gallagher's Statement on the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Report

December 12, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Mike Gallagher released the following statement on the 2018 Farm Bill conference report:

“In Northeast Wisconsin and across the country, agricultural producers are suffering through the worst farm economy in over a decade. To be sure, there are some positive things in this bill to help our farmers through hard times and conserve our environment, but if Congress really wanted to have a positive impact, it would focus on fixing the real issues I hear about most from farmers in Northeast Wisconsin: lack of a stable workforce and an adverse trade environment. The conference report also reflects D.C.’s failed legislative process—jamming together $867 billion of spending in the last two weeks of Congress, with nearly 80% going towards food stamp programs unrelated to farming. We have little evidence to suggest our current approach is helping people escape poverty, yet we have made no meaningful reforms to these programs.”



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