Gallagher Votes in Favor of Border Security Bill

October 4, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. –  Today Rep. Mike Gallagher voted to advance the Border Security for America Act (H.R. 3548) from the House Homeland Security Committee to the House floor. The bill would strengthen border security and infrastructure, prevent drug trafficking and smuggling, and curb illegal immigration. Rep. Gallagher is a co-sponsor of the legislation.  

Discussing his support of the bill, Rep. Gallagher said, “During my time in the Marines, I was assigned to the DEA doing counternarcotics work and saw firsthand how porous the Southern border is. In fact, the majority of drugs that are currently in the U.S. have been trafficked across the Southern border from Mexico. If we are going to eliminate the drug and opioid epidemic that is destroying communities in Northeast Wisconsin and across the country, then we must make securing the border a top priority.” He concluded, “There is no question about it; as a matter of national security we must secure our border and this bill is a significant step in getting the job done.”

The Border Security for America Act:

  • Provides for the deployment and construction of border infrastructure and technology;
  • Targets illegal immigration and drug trafficking while increasing lawful trade and travel;
  • Provides additional boots on the ground;
  • Identifies visa overstays through use of a Biometric Entry-Exist System.

 Click here to read more about the bill.

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