Gallagher Hosts Cybersecurity Symposium with Silicon Valley Experts

October 17, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC— Today Rep. Mike Gallagher, a member of the House Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Subcommittee, hosted a bipartisan cybersecurity symposium with experts in Silicon Valley to discuss innovative ways the U.S. can enhance its cybersecurity. The event’s co-hosts included Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and the Stanford Cyber Initiative. During the discussion, Rep. Gallagher invited the experts to give their input and recommendations on steps the United States can take to combat evolving cyber threats to our national security.

After the discussion, Rep. Gallagher released the following statement:

“Cyberspace is an increasing critical domain of strategic competition and warfare. Cyber threats can put at risk everything from our email and social media accounts, to the validity of our elections, to the corporate and financial infrastructure that is the backbone of our economy. Sadly we are falling behind our competitors, which is why we need a national wake up call. We need to think creatively about how we modernize our own cybercapabilities, recruit talented cyberwarriors, and work with industry and the public sector to protect our data.

At today’s roundtable, we brought together some of our nation’s best and brightest minds to think creatively and solve problems. This type of cross-industry collaboration is the approach we must take to advance our cyber defenses and become the world’s undisputed cyber superpower.” 

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