Gallagher Calls for Establishing ‘Great Lakes Week’

May 7, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Mike Gallagher announced his support for a bipartisan resolution that designates the week of Memorial Day as “Great Lakes Week.” The resolution is a bipartisan effort in the House to promote practices that protect the health and water quality of all five of the Great Lakes. It also highlights their importance to the environment, economy, and heritage of our region.

Congressman Gallagher said, “Establishing a ‘Great Lakes Week’ demonstrates that the health of these waters—the largest surface freshwater system on earth—should not be ignored, but rather celebrated.” He continued, “A healthy Green Bay and Lake Michigan is vital to our way of life in Northeast Wisconsin, and so we must continue taking steps, whether big or small, to make sure they remain one of our most treasured assets for generations to come.”

Rep. Gallagher’s record in support of the Great Lakes:

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