August 2021

September 14, 2021


Welcome back to the August edition of The NEWsflash, a collection of some of the incredible stories and events that happened in Northeast Wisconsin from this past month. This August was special, as I was able to bring my entire team to Northeast Wisconsin to meet with constituents, get to know local businesses and organizations, and learn about ways we can help better address some of the challenges our community is facing.

I've included some photos and highlights from a few of the events my team and I were able to attend, as well as some moments from our District Tour below. You can also find information on how my office can help you with any federal problem you may have. As always, please don't hesitate to contact my office if we can ever be of assistance.

Semper Fi, 

Honoring Heroes: On August 31, my team welcomed back local veterans from the Old Glory Honor Flight. This was the first honor flight for our community since the start of the pandemic, and gave 99 Korean and Vietnam War-era veterans the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to see the monuments dedicated to their service. Welcoming back veterans from honor flights is an incredible experience and something I hope everyone in our community gets a chance to participate in.

Farm Fresh Food: In August, my staff also had the chance to check out the Green Bay Farmer's Market. This farmers market is the largest in the state and gives our community the chance to see local creativity, buy locally, and support small businesses.

Aiding our navy: I was honored to serve as the principal speaker at the christening of the USS Nantucket at Marinette Marine. The men and women at the shipyard play an integral role in keeping our country safe, and it's always an honor to see their hard work and talent firsthand.

Local Manufacturing: On August 24, my team also toured one of the world's largest independent iron foundries: Waupaca Foundry. They were able to walk through the facility, discuss the challenges facing the company, and learn about actions our office can take to help address the workforce shortage they face.

Oconto is in good paws: My team also met with Oconto County Sheriff Todd Skarban and Deputies Christensen and Plotkin, as well as their K-9 companions, Turbo and Raven. After a briefing from Sheriff Skarban on the department's work, the officers provided a demonstration that showcased their excellent K-9 unit. It was impressive to see how quickly service dogs could act to track down drugs and other scents.

Building bottles: My team and I also visited NEW Plastics in Luxemburg, where we were able to watch the see how the company produces a number of products from decking to Gatorade water bottles. NEW Plastics also explained how they shifted production during the pandemic to produce products needed to help keep communities safe. They are a great example of Wisconsin ingenuity.

Getting a Headstart: We also visited the Headstart facility in Waupaca to learn about the programs they offer, the impact they have in the community, and the difference Headstart makes in kids' lives. Thanks to this facility and its teachers, kids and parents alike have a safe haven filled with understanding and educational opportunities.

Natural beauty: My team also had the opportunity to tour High Cliff State Park to learn about its history and historic landmarks. State Parks like High Cliff give Wisconsin residents the opportunity to get outside and experience Northeast Wisconsin's natural beauty firsthand, and it's important to learn about ways we can continue to protect these unique places in our community.

Supper is served: On August 31 my team celebrated Supper Club Day by taking part in the Shining a Light celebration at the River's Bend Supper Club in Green Bay. The restaurant was highlighted by local business owners Luke Holschbach and Matt Budahn where they installed new and improved permanent outdoor lights to commemorate supper clubs all around WI.

Other events from Northeast Wisconsin last month:

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