Peer support is key to veterans reconnecting back home

July 22, 2019

Wisconsin State Journal
By: Mike Gallagher
July 22, 2019

Never leave a fellow warrior behind. That much is obvious in times of war, but the same spirit can be hard to find beyond the battlefield.

The transition back to civilian life is filled with obstacles large and small. And just as we took care of each other in combat, I believe veterans have a duty to make sure their fellow service members don’t get left behind as they reintegrate into society.

When I left the military, I saw firsthand how jarring this transition can be. I was eager to go back to school and start my life. But like many other veterans, I underestimated the scope of the changes that come with leaving the armed services.

I was lucky to have a strong support network that helped me figure out the next steps. But even then I skipped simple tasks and didn’t take advantage of all the resources available to me at the time. Many veterans are less fortunate, and attempt to go down this road alone, feeling they can’t share their struggles.

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