Bringing Congress to the (Wargaming) Table for a Bigger and Better Navy

October 19, 2020
War on the Rocks

By Mike Gallagher

October 19, 2020

Battle Force 2045 may sound like the latest computer simulation of a Sino-American conflict, but if the Pentagon gets its way, it may just be the best way to prevent one. Unveiled last week by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the first details of the department’s long-awaited naval force structure assessment, dubbed Battle Force 2045, are emerging less than a month before the November election. Given the timing, some might fairly question the plan’s shelf life given potential administration turnover. But Esper’s plan carries the logic of strategy and the possibility of bipartisan support. While there is room to debate the specifics, whoever is in charge of the Pentagon on Jan. 21 should emulate the plan’s emphasis on growing the naval force structure. Realizing this vision, however, will require bringing Congress to the table as never before. And I mean an actual table: the wargaming table.

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